Rheumatoid Arthritis Guy's Trek for Hope

During the middle of August 2013, I will embark on a rural three-day, 60 km mountain-to-jungle trek in Bolivia, South America, with a backpack, sleeping bag, and tent in tow!

"The El Choro Inca Trail dates back to pre-Inca times, but was later integrated into the famous and expansive network of roads known today as the Inca Trail. As trekkers descend from the frosty Andean highlands (15,945 feet above sea level) down into the tropical valley, they appreciate not only stunning landscapes but also witness ancient remnants of Inca engineering."

This trek is not only a celebration of my recent return to good health, it is also a celebration of the hope that resides in each and every person who lives with inflammatory arthritis, and of the will to keep moving.

Please join me in these celebrations by making a donation to Show Us Your Hands! a nonprofit charity organization that serves to unite and inspire people who live with inflammatory arthritis. 100% of all funds donated will go directly towards community programs, including the Inflammatory Arthritis Community Collage, the Our Hands Can! Photo Book, and community posters.

For more information, please visit www.showusyourhand.org.

Recent Donations

Name Amount Comment
Annette McKinnon $30.00 Glad you could do that Eduardo. Very impressive
Lene Andersen $25.00
Rana Ghaoui $50.00 All the best Eduardo!
jessica murphy $50.00 An amazing achievement and one to remember for a life time. you are a true inspiration and I am so proud to be your friend!
Marilee Allerdings $25.00
Clara Flores $25.00
Ken Allen $100.00
Brenda Kleinsasser $25.00 Keep climbing those mountains, RA Guy! You inspire so many!
Janee Campagne $15.00 Thank you for your Facebook page. You inspire me EVERYDAY to stay positive, and challenge myself. Bless you!
Melissa Hinojosa-Zamora $25.00
Amber Dickens $25.00
Sallie Ferguson $50.00 So proud to be your colleague.
Deb Murphy $25.00 Happy trails!!!
Clay DV $10.00 You rock! Keep up the great work.
Libby Porter $25.00 Congrats on feeling better!
Mark Holmes $25.00 Rock on! Great to see you doing this!
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